Our company has been in business for over 50 years installing residential windows, doors and glass as well as being a commercial glazing contractor. We are small enough to repair glass in the tiniest picture frame and large enough to fabricate and install large commercial storefronts and curtain wall.  The KGS difference is in the details.

We put customers first and pride ourselves on doing what other companies can’t or won’t do. Other companies only serve one or two aspects of the glass/window/door/ business. We sell, install, fabricate, and service all of the products we carry. Quality products, professional installation and experienced craftsmen have been our staple for over 50 years and will continue to be the driving force behind our business.


What makes KGS different from all other glass companies? We stand behind what we do 100%. We live and work in the same small community. We want to make sure we can hold our heads high and be proud of the work we do and the way we conduct business. KGS treats our customers, vendors and business partners the way we would want to be treated and we ask them to do the same.

We have all the right tools, let us Help You


Aaron Herbert

Aaron Herbert


Dave Hodges

Deb Plotts

Deb Plotts

KGS OHIO (formerly Kings Glass Service) is excited to announce our name change. Because of our commitment to the customer, our business has grown to include many product categories in the building supply market.